Summer is here

Summer has arrived and as a result Elle, my 21 month old little girl, her appetite has changed. All she wants is ICE! She was exposed to a Fruity Flow a little while ago and she thought this was the best thing ever! The ice is thirst quenching and cold, key things to make little ones more comfortable in the heat.

The problem that has emerged is that she wants an ICE, as she refers to it, all the time. When I get her out of her cot the first this she says is ICE! I had to come up with a healthy solution fast.

My sister-in-law gave me a juicer a while ago and that has become my best friend. I figured that if Elle wants and ICE she will have a healthy one. One where I can control what is going into it. I have started experimenting with different combinations and Elle is loving them.

The Ice Lollies in the picture is a combintion of Pink Lady Apples, Carrots, Naartjies, Raspberries and Mulberries.

I just push all the fruit through the juicer, mix it up and pour it into the holders and let it freeze. I also make extra and just store it in the fridge.

You can get really creative and cut up bits of fruit and place them into the compartments and layer the different flavours.

My tip to Moms is you can really create healthy snacks for your kids and they don't need to take up too much time. If you make a number of them at once and store extra juice in the fridge, it becomes effortless.

Happy freezing!

Love Erin

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